Things I do

This is a random mix of some of the not-work-related things I do.

Karaoke-tree at Trailerpark festival 2011. Working with wooden guitars, paint and a perfectly fun audience! For more on the project, go here or here







In december 2010, street art bloggers STREETHEART arranged a christmas calendar all around Copenhagen.
24 artist teamed up and made the frosty city seem even more adventurous.



This is my contribution. The redecoration of an old and grey ventilation pipe. The timing of the snow was nothing less than perfect!




A present for two of my friends – one of which is really into Roisin Murphy. This is a gift to their newborn baby girl. Red dress from H&M, home-made cotton doodles and lovely candy-flossy-card to go with it. (Thanks Louise ; ) Baby girl My, actually did wear this a few times. So, I was told.








I did this with my good friend Maria for the STREETHEART treasure hunt in 2010. Seemed like the perfect recycle + recycle circle … drinking straight outta the bin. Plastic plumbing pipes, painted with red Posca pen.


This is why you should always carry Posca pens :

BIIIIIIG art piece!! – that probably lasted about a day or so, but I still liked it.
The words are : Don’t cry.








 Some sketches of character making, that I’m totally gonna finish some day.








This is a farewell card to a colleague that was leaving.
50 x 120 cm. Cut out fake grass on black plastic base. White on the back side, so that everyone could write their own personal “hug”.













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