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What not to do in London

17 Oct

Even the sweatest of servants and the nicest of receptionist can’t make up for sticky showers, old water damaged buildings, moist, muld and showering with your ancles in 5 cm of water. Which is sad, because the staff was so helpfull and smiling. But no … this really didn’t work for me.

Ladies and Gentlemen : Welcome to the Northumberland Kings Cross Hotel.

: )



// Ida


London baby

17 Oct


London was actually a bit of a strange experience.
The main point of me going there, was to meet up with two small companies, that I have been admiring for years because of their nice creative work.

So I wrote them a couple of months ago, asking them if we could meet if I come to London. Both of them said yes, and that they would like to answer all my questions, and that we should arrange in details when we got closer to the exact dates … you can probably already tell where this is heading. None of the appointments happened, despite my quite eager e-mailing in the weeks before my London visit. Really frustrating, but well – I guess people are just busy …

BUT this meant, that I had to come up with new plans for London, so more or less volunteerly, I decided to visit some of the touristy places that I skipped on my prior trips to London. And luckily the weather was of the perfect autum-sunny-not-to-cold kind.

Here’s some pictures.

My new best friend.

My new best friend. Part II.

Tower Bridge. Lovely colours!

Why is it that those signs always makes you really wanna get in there ?

Detail from Tower Bridge.

I would say … ehm … yes.

London Eye seen from the river side.

Always good to know. Info point at Borough Market.

Big Ben.

And opposite Big Ben.

The Angel at Buckingham Palace.

Really nicely detailed mural in Brick Lane Market.


Perfect breakfast from the local PRET.
This is in my hotel room btw. Nice huh? More pictures later on …

Beautiful sun in Green Park!

Hummingbird on Tottenham Court Road underground stop.

Tottenham Court Road. Really nice mosaic.

Amazing piece of carved/cuttet art a bit out side Brick Lane Market.

All details were carved into the wood, creating some amazing shadows and 3D effects.

So many details! Must have taken days and weeks for this. Wauw!
Anybody knows who did this?

Hyde Park. Where Grand Dad’s go to skate … ?

Hyde Park.
Taking pictures of people who are taking pictures of people.

Buckle up for Halloween !!

He just says it all. Love it.

Autumn trees alongside the river Themes.

Nice garden opposite Buckingham Palace.

And finally :
The man who lost his sole.

// Ida

Goodbye Guinness!

16 Oct

So being this huge geek for trains, I had to take the sail’n’rail from Dublin to London.
Imagine, for only 44€ you get 6 hours of travelling, loads of waves, beautiful landscapes, old English villages, quite a few trailer parks and tons of sheep! Yai!

Take this way if you’re ever there, and have the time. It’s really nice.






And the man in sky says hi.



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