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Lovely, lovely Glasser!

9 Feb

Glasser is the stage name of L.A. musician, Cameron Mesirow. I found her debut album “Ring” at the Rough Trade shop at Brick Lane market in London in october last year, and ever since then I’ve been completely smitten.

Her album really took to my liking and it was with me a lot of the time while I was travelling ’round Europe. Maybe I have an extra dimension to her music, because of all the memories? but I reeeeeeeally like it!

Listen to the first track on the album: “Apply”.

Maybe you already know her and love her to?
If you saw some of the picture movies I made along the trip, you’ll probably remember her sound to. For instance the one from the Père Lachaise cemetery in Paris, that I’m still totally in love with.
The track here is called, T. (Make sure to pass the cemetery if you’re in the eastern part of Paris at some point. HUGE experience!)

Anyways! Glasser has my best of recommendations and you should really get moving and spend a little money on this brilliant piece of work! Being a big fan of the Fever Ray project, I wasn’t at all surprised to read that two of the Fever Ray producers Van Rivers & The Subliminal Kid (alongside producer Ariel Rechtshaid) were also involved in the making of “Ring”. An album that doesn’t have an ending nor a start, and therefore goes on and on for ever and ever in a never ending loop …

Or, at least it could :)

Also, you might wanna check out this loooooovely remix that Jamie XX did last year. “Tremel” in it self is a really nice track, but Jamie XX added some more bass, changed the tempo a few places and in my opinion, really made a perfect remix! (Kinda makes you feel like it’s already Friday night!)

Live at Lille Vega
This Sunday Glasser finally came to Copenhagen and I went to see the concert with some good friends. Yai!
It totally met my expectations – and then some.

Really an amazing concert where everything just fits together and where sound, light, costumes and the intensity of the music just makes everything flow towards you, grab you and gently suck you into all the wonders.

Ahhh … A perfect way to end a weekend and begin a new week!

For more on Glasser go here and make sure to treat yourself to her album. It’s available at iTunes store. Really easy. I’m totally convinced that you deserve it …
It’s Wednesday!



6th stop : Eindhoven!

24 Oct

A two-hour train ride from Antwerpen, and you have : Eindhoven.

A city with approx 500.000 inhabitants. Mostly know for the PSV football team, but luckily also known for something a bit further up my alley : Dutch Design Week. 2 days here are nowhere near enough, but I think I’ve got a pretty good impression of the design week and a lot of inspiration as well! AND on top of that, I also got the experience of being stuck on the roof of a 9 floor building, because I got to nosy, wandered off and did not see the missing handle on the door until it was too late.

So if you wonder, how I got this nice close up of the big Phillips clock on the Klokgebouw tower? Then that’s why ; )


The Piet Hein Eek building in Eindhoven really blew my mind. Almost all the old warehouse buildings in the area has been torn down, but one is still there and it has been restored and today it holds offices, workspaces, shops and restaurants.


Same same, but different.

The building had such an interesting feel to it, and off course during DDW it is packed with all kinds of  lovely things, so there was hours of entertainment for me!


Jeiks! No wonder kids can’t fall a sleep !


I was especially thrilled to see a room with all kinds of old decoration-thingies, lamps, big facade letters, full size wooden soldier figures, dying blue gorillas, Chinese faces in glass cubes … You know. Normal stuff ; )

Here’s a little taste of what Sunday the 24th of October 2010 felt like, in and around Eindhoven. I hope you’ll enjoy the pictures – and the nice Jamie xx remix of the Glasser song : Tremel.

// Ida

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