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New, new, new!

26 Jan

As you may have noticed, I’ve made a few changes to my blog and turned it into blog and website and portfolio and bilingual what-have-we extravaganza! : )

The reason to all of these changes is that I’ve started my own freelance copywriting business. Sooooo exciting!

This was actually the plan all along, but I’ve been down sick with an insane illness that causes fever, swollen legs and arthritis in the entire body! Jeiks!! I tell you it was painful! Double jeiks! So all my plans have been set a side for 8 weeks, but now I’m finally ready to really get started!

I’m really glad about this (both the being well part and the freelance thing) and already did my first days of freelance work at a really nice agency here in Copenhagen. Yai! If you’re interested in what I do or in need of some copy writing assistance, then please go check out my portfolio.

So, I’m back on track, no more illness and lying down in pain! It’s over! And as my all time favourite Gonzales puts it: “It aint over ‘til Beth Ditto sings”
– and luckily … she does! : )



They made this possible!!
All my friends, near and far, for carrying me through this insane sickness and for supporting me in this new adventure!
As regards to both Gonzales and Beth Dito link a great big fat thank you to my German friends Cris and Jan Henning!


Aufwiedersehen Hamburg!

30 Sep

So, Hamburg was really nice!
Amazing street art, lovely trashed up cafes and some really cool areas where all kinds of creative people do what ever’s in their power to make the city a much more colorful and (in my opinion) more interesting place. For example the occupied buildings at the Gängeviertel in the center of Hamburg.

Translation : Time is not money. Work is not life.

I spent only 5 days there, but will most definitely come back! Took a ton of pictures, and as always, it’s impossible to choose. Therefore, a brief sample of some of them, off course accompanied by my new hero Chilly Gonzales, who led me around the streets of this lovely (and adorably cheap) city.

But before you meet Hamburg, Reeperbahn festival, Gonzales, Motoboy, Lissie, Wolf Parade, Cris, Jan Henning, the Beatles’ “hometown” and the lovely leftovers on the rooftop – here’s one photo that I’d like to headlight. A sign posted in the window of a closed store in central Hamburg.

Translation : If you want any photo work done, please contact the bakery …
But off course.

And now for the film.


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