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Til death do us f***ing part … : )

16 Apr

Words bend over backwards even more!

I haven’t really figured out where this slightly altered version of the wedding vows come from, but I found it on Pinterest and then here and oh my God I love it!

Beware of insanely foul language and tons of love!

… Then raise the fuck out of our kids and give you all the motherfucking love and support you’d ever need. And pay the hell out of that fucking mortgage. And then when the gutters are clogged I’ll get up that fucking ladder and clean that shit up while you stand by the kitchen window comically judging my work. And then we can vacuum the fuck out of our carpet so hard that we’ll have to get a new one.

We’ll wash our clothes so goddamn fucking hard.
Forget ‘no rinse’, we’ll use high fucking speed. Buy a fucking minivan to stuff our beautiful fucking babies into it and drive the fuck out of it. Then we can go to some fucking parent-teacher meetings and meet the fuck out of our kid’s teacher. Then judge the shit of her in the car.

And we can then pile all the children in the fucking minivan and go to the store and shop for groceries so hard that we eventually have to make more than two trips to get all that shit inside the house. And then cook the fuck out of our kitchen until we have no food left and we feast on that shit for fucking days.

I will eat the fuck out of your homemade cookies.

Then wash the shit out of the dishes together until our entire hands get fucking pruney. We’ll watch our kids fucking graduate and mother fucking tear up like the badass bosses we fucking are. We will grow so damn old together; we will look like fucking raisins.

I will fucking tell you every single second how much I fucking love you. Holding each other’s fucking hands so hard that we shit our selves. Until we die and rot as motherfucking corpses together. Till death do us fucking part.

Happily ever fucking after.

Ahahahaha … I just totally love this kind of writing!

Does anyone know where the words originally came from or who did them? If so, please tick the comment box and fill me in :) Thanks.


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