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Scottish/Swedish yum yum! (Finally)

15 Aug

I’ve been waiting quite anxiously to hear something new from Scottish killer ass record producer and DJ : Mylo.

Since his brilliant “destroy Rock and Roll” album from 2004, there’s been kind of silent. Or at least I kinda gave up finding his news …
I really love this album. High energy, really nice tracks. Great to work to, great to run to and of course great to party to, to.

One of many hit singles from this album is “Drop the pressure”. With lovely rhythms from the Gloria Estefan classic. (The song was also made in another mix together with Miami Sound Machine and even more Gloria Estefan. Hugely popular as well, this second version was called “Dr. Pressure”)

“Drop the pressure” is actually not the best track on the album, and this is not the official video, BUT I really like this one made by french Cube.
Jumping elephants … awwwww.


Back to the waiting part!

But, as I said I’ve been waiting for quite some time for new tracks from Mylo, and today I realised, that I’ve been waiting for so long, that I forgot all about him … Then this morning, in a quite unorganised online search, finally, along he came. And he came bearing really cool Robyn-remix. Which, for me, is an a okay “sorry to keep you waiting” present ;)


Robyn: Don’t fucking tell me what to do. (Mylo / Sharooz remix)

<span><a href=”http://soundcloud.com/robyn/dont-fucking-tell-me-what-to-do-mylo-sharooz-mix”>Don’t Fucking Tell Me What To Do (Mylo & Sharooz Mix)</a> by <a href=”http://soundcloud.com/robyn”>robyn</a></span&gt;

For more on Mylo go here



More on Bjørke

28 Jul

My last post was all about Kasper Bjørke, and actually this one is to.

But it’s a short one, just to let you know about the nice video that come alongside, his latest single: Heaven.

The song is a cover of Rolling Stones’ “Heaven”. Originally found on their Tattoo You album. Kasper Bjørkes cover can be found on his “Standing on top of Utopia” album.



Bjørke & Mount Kimbie Remix

28 Jul

My favourite Danish music magazine, Soundvenue, has been asking their music-making-darlings about mix tape favourites.
This week it’s Kasper Bjørke’s turn. A brilliant artist and also one af my favourite DJ’s.

Kasper Bjørke

He’s a brilliant artist with a great sound, who takes his work really seriously. I for one do appreciate that. (As opposed to other DJ’s, who don’t mind just slapping on a 7 minute remix and then leave the deck to go out back and get the occasional groupie hang around BJ … Jeez). BUT! This was not supposed to be the issue however ; )

Back to Bjørke and Soundvenue!

Kasper Bjørke picked 3 different songs and I especially like this one. Wow. Summer …

Mount Kimbies remix of Foals ‘Spanish Sahara’.

Foals – Spanish Sahara (Mount Kimbie Remix) by fabric

More on Bjørke
Kasper Bjørke has released two album in his own name, the latest one from 2010, called “Standing on top of Utopia”. If you like the single, I entered below here, you should definitely check out the entire album.

Buy this ...

Especially one of the singles got massive airplay in Danish radios. Young again featuring the lovely (as in LOVELY!) voice of Jacob Bellens (Murder / I Got You On Tape). If you haven’t already heard this, you’re in for at real treat.

Catch the entire article (in Danish) at Soundvenue and check out Kasper Bjørke here


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