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Getting ready for the weekend!

21 Aug

For me, nothing says weekend like bright colours, dazzling video effects and of course some LOVELY music.
Turn on your speakers and watch these brilliant weekend-y videos!


First up: Kids of 88.
A band that I know very little of, but most certainly will look into!

Next up : SIA with the official video for the single Clap your hands. Nice and happy tune, always makes me smile. Brilliant video.

BTW I’ve arranged with the re-incarnation Goddess, that I can come back as this Koala bear … How cool is that??!


Third up : Booka Shade!
Awwww … Since I saw Booka Shade at the Sonar festival in Barcelona, I’ve completely lost my heart (and my dancing legs) to these two German guys.

I also posted this live clip, when I got back from Sonar, but to hell with it, it can take a re-run. I never seem to get enough of this particular clip. Wo hooo!
For my Sonar post with lots of pictures go here

And – lucky lucky LUCKY me! – tonight Booka Shade is on stage at the Malmø festival in Sweden, which is only a 30 minute train ride from Copenhagen! Yai!!!

So I know, that I am in for a lovely weekend, and hope that you are to : )


They made this possible!!

Thanks to Cris Wiegandt for having such brilliant taste in music and hooking me up with Kids of 88 and the adorable SIA video ; )


Bits of Sonar 2010

19 Jul

This year I’ve enjoyed a ton of great live concerts, and luckily I have a lot more to come! (I’ll be sure to post them here as I go along)

One of really cool experiences this far was the Sonar festival in Barcelona!

Here’s a couple of somewhat interesting photos along side a video from a previous live show with German duo, Booka Shade. Should you get the chance, make sure to catch one of their live shows! They really know how to make live-concerts in front of huge crowds, seem almost magical!

Make sure to buy Booka Shade “Body language” album. My favourite right now.


Summer, music, good friends and fake grass. I need nothing more.

I love this guy. Off course you need your killer-oversize bag for the festival! ; )

Woops! Maybe he actually did need his oversize-killer-bag?? Just in case he had to run straight towards the nearest changing room to hook up with his suit?? Sorry. My bad.

Lovely bride

Lovely shoes

Really bad British footwear ...

Sonar By Night - obviously involves bumper cars : )

Late at night, and under the influence of quite a deal of alchohol, I'm a killer-ass-photographer!

3 days of wonderfull music memories, right there on my frigde.

The Sonar festival 2011 – 16 th. 17 th and 18 th of June.
Read all about it, right

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