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Scream Club video making extravaganza

31 Oct

Back from a weekend in Berlin. Yummy!
A lot of hard work, but also sun, bike rides, street art treasure hunt, fun and looovely people all around.

Went there with my karaoke-tree guitars. They’re gonna be totally famous! Soon. When this awesome Scream Club video by Cris Wiegandt hits the web.

I’ll keep you posted …

Good night.



Resident Advisor: Real scenes

12 Sep

If your are genuinely into electronic music, techno, legendary parties and the club scene – this. is. heaven.

London/Berlin based online electronic music magazine Resident Advisor recently did a series of short documentaries on the music scene in Bristol, Detroit and Berlin.

Covering everything from upcoming artist and underground music in Bristol, to the huge and legendary warehouse parties in the 90’s of Detroit and on worths to trashed out buildings, squatters and illegal clubbing in Berlin.

At approx 18 minutes of course they only let you in on some of the things going on, but the length really fits my (borderline adhd) short attention span.

Watch all of the Real Scenes right here

BUT consider yourself warned! This can really make you wanna stock your bag with Red Bull and Club Mate and just go all “screw you!” on your regular life.

For my part, my plans on going to Detroit next fall have really caught fire!
Any of you been there?
Or to Bristol for that matter?


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