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Travel light? … not so especially much.

23 Oct

I must be the worst backpacker in the world.

I actually did some really nice pre-packing from home, but I seem to get some new stuff all the time, and darn it I don’t know where to put ’em!

CD’s, books, postcards, maps, more books, more CD’s and ehm … quite a deal of clothes as well. This is OF COURSE because it is actually a lot colder, that I thought!

Anyways. I all ready shipped home some stuff from London. 5 kilo of stuff actually! I have a friend who lived in London once, and she said that shipping to Denmark was actually quite cheap, so I thought “Oh, well it’s probably around 10-15 GB pounds or so. I’ll be fine”.

52 GBP !!!

Ha ha … that’s almost worth more, than the things in the package in it self! : )

And here I am again. In Antwerpen. All ready sensing that getting all my things inside the backpack is gonna be just as easy as climbing Mount Everest with two broken legs.

BUT as you can tell – I HAD to buy these things.

LOVELY piece of plasticky table-cloth.

It’s gonna be a good year.

And the mushroom-must-have-book-holder.

Love it.


Oh, and Antwerpen itself seems like a really nice city!
Tell you all about it, in the next post : )

// Ida


5th stop Antwerpen!

23 Oct

I have never been to Belgium before, so I was quite excited to visit Antwerpen. Took the train from Paris and got 1st class tickets at 2nd class prices. So whereas I arrived to Paris still quite itchy and disgusted from the nasty London hotel – I left Paris in style …

Big, soft, red seats. Load of space. Free lunch, free drink AND free wi-fi.

Apparently shiny ceilings are really important, when you’re travelling on 1st class.

Extremely shiny ceilings!

And after only 2 hours – Antwerpen central station.

Beautiful old building.


Take it slow …
On the train from Paris to Antwerpen, I realised why it is, that I love travelling by train so much. I really enjoy the movement and the thoroughness of a train ride.  You get to see the landscape, the houses, the animals, the dumps and you actually get to see the people who live in the country – and not just the big overview from the airplane. I feels way more present to me.

But I realised that art also has a lot to do with it my love of trains. The surroundings of airports are always insanely boring, where as the areas surrounding central stations have always been compelling to be. Art, graffiti, life, movement, pulse and usually quite a deal of offbeat characters as well …

So if you have the time. Please, relax and take the train ; )

Welcome to Antwerpen.


// Ida

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