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WTF is that supposed to mean ?! (part 1)

22 Jul

Jeez. The amount of slang and posh new words never sees to amaze.
Hence I’ve taken it upon me to create the worlds easiest, step by step, understand the term, photo definition guide – thingy :

WTF is that supposed to mean ?!

Phrase number 1 : ARTY FARTY.

Have you ever wondered, what people are really trying to express, when they use the term “arty farty”?

E.g. in a sentence like:

“The show was like totally arty farty”

“The crowd at the gallery was a bit arty farty”

“I’m not sure I’m going to date him again … he’s at bit arty farty”

Seriously, WTF is that supposed to mean ?!

The answer is here, in 4 simple photos, all taken (in chronological order) from the most exquisite movie, I saw at a Copenhagen gallery last week.

Sit back and relax …

So! Now that we all know exactly WTF ‘Arty Farty’ is supposed to mean, we’re ready to continue our daily tasks, resting assured, that we have all ready learned quite a deal today.

Lucky us ; )

The gallery, btw, is actually kinda cool.
IMO is based in old Carlsberg buildings in Vesterbro, Copenhagen.
Check it out right here


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