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Best snappy comeback. Ever.

8 Sep

Ahhh the joy of re-discovering long-lost pictures! I found this about 6 years ago, but lost it in some kind of new-job-new-computer-horrible-data-displine-lost-all-back-up inferno. But now … FINALLY I regained it.

I love it!

It works perfectly on any kind of post regarding … well … any kind of post regarding anything really. For me, this is a perfect use of sarcasm. It’s snappy, provocative, surprising and pretty much just all round awesome.

I’ve had some good laughs because of the heavily sarcastic Cool story, bro! pic, but somehow this just overrules that one as well.

And during election times, as in Denmark right now, this could come in handy on a somewhat hourly basis, so please, indulge yourself in heavy use of this dazzling piece of awesomeness.

It’s like art. Only better.

Big. Fucking. Like button.


P.S. Anyone actually know who lives there??


Paris in Pics

23 Oct

I loooove Paris. Really. This was my 4th visit there, and every time I get to see more and more of the city. The weather was perfect, the hostel was … ehm … okay.

Here are some pictures for you to see.

Nice little bird singing on Palais de Tokyo.

Dangerous wolf at Quai de Valmy.

Eeeeeevery freaking where you go …

Padlock attack on Pont des Arts.

Pont de l’Alma. Nice Space invader piece

And Michael Jackson in Duck tape. Palais de Tokyo.

Nice pieces of work outside the Père Lachaise cemetery.

No visit in Paris with out a strike going on. View from the Père Lachaise cemetery.

Lovely trashed out building in Montmartre.

Love the colors in these.

Shop in Belleville. Stubborn French people? ; )

Neon fail. Boulevard de Clichy.

Say what? on Pont de l’Alma

Ewww. Scary … 1:1 facemask on wall in Montmartre.

Nice mosaic in Montmartre.
Bye Bye Kitty ?

Dinner at local restaurant. Tacky ? Nooooo …. ; )

Definitely the real one!

Uh uh uh! Skinny legs skinny legs skinny legs!!

Somewhere around Palais de Tokyo. Preeeeeeety.

The hidden guards of the Seine River.


The @ doors.

Close up on the Seine river.

Straight outta the boring hairstyle convention …

Einstein meets Mr. Brainwash. Rue la Fayette.

Another nice space invader, Rue la Fayette.

And no, you can’t bring your strange goat looking pointy-legged dog!
But what if it carries the leash itself?

// Ida

What not to do in London

17 Oct

Even the sweatest of servants and the nicest of receptionist can’t make up for sticky showers, old water damaged buildings, moist, muld and showering with your ancles in 5 cm of water. Which is sad, because the staff was so helpfull and smiling. But no … this really didn’t work for me.

Ladies and Gentlemen : Welcome to the Northumberland Kings Cross Hotel.

: )



// Ida

Meanwhile … in another place not so close by.

8 Oct

I just realised that I completely forgot to post this before I left Copenhagen.
(And I still haven’t figured out how to pass on the photos from Dublin, so I need some more time).
BUT, point is, that this one really annoyed me.

Okay … so you love your girlfriend/boyfriend/dog and you want to show it to the world. Well yippie hoo hoos to you! Of course you go out and buy a pair of lockers, write your initials on them and do the romantic ceremony of closing the lock somewhere special in order to confirm that you will forever and ever and ever and EVER love each other like crazy.

Despite the harsh sarcastic tone of this, I actually get it. I might even wind up nagging my upcoming boyfriend till he bleeds to do the exact same thing … BUT! Seriously guys, what is up with the location ??

A bridge crossing deep waters??

This is like shouting at really lonely people, that they’re never ever gonna experience a love as true and powerfull as yours, so they might as well just go ahead and jump anyway.




Oh boy …

10 Aug

Some people just can’t handle a balcony … Everyone: meet my neighbours.

The joy of city life ; )

// Ida

WTF is that supposed to mean ?! (part 1)

22 Jul

Jeez. The amount of slang and posh new words never sees to amaze.
Hence I’ve taken it upon me to create the worlds easiest, step by step, understand the term, photo definition guide – thingy :

WTF is that supposed to mean ?!

Phrase number 1 : ARTY FARTY.

Have you ever wondered, what people are really trying to express, when they use the term “arty farty”?

E.g. in a sentence like:

“The show was like totally arty farty”

“The crowd at the gallery was a bit arty farty”

“I’m not sure I’m going to date him again … he’s at bit arty farty”

Seriously, WTF is that supposed to mean ?!

The answer is here, in 4 simple photos, all taken (in chronological order) from the most exquisite movie, I saw at a Copenhagen gallery last week.

Sit back and relax …

So! Now that we all know exactly WTF ‘Arty Farty’ is supposed to mean, we’re ready to continue our daily tasks, resting assured, that we have all ready learned quite a deal today.

Lucky us ; )

The gallery, btw, is actually kinda cool.
IMO is based in old Carlsberg buildings in Vesterbro, Copenhagen.
Check it out right here


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