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On repeat (the constant neverending kind)

28 Jun

I stumbled across this track a few months back on
Just recently found it online and totally had to share it.

The original track is by Leix & Hitch titled xxx coming from their EP Low Cutz out on Novo music. This is a dub mix by Spanish Uner. Slow and a bit lazy for starters and then adding the track a more raw and industrial feel which I absolutely totally and completely adore.

H.O.L.Y. crap this is good.

I’ve been over the drop at 4:06 so many times my ears bleed. Which seems like a fair price to pay.

And here’s the whole Low Cutz EP for you to listen to.
I’m smitten with all 5 tracks, but still have a favored nick on Uner’s version.
Yei! (Seems like weekend already!)

Anyone with another favourite than Uner?
Please tick the comment box and tell tell tell!



MAkroSinus makes working Sundays quite the hoot!

17 Jun

Uh yei! Almost 52 minutes of niceness.
Makes my grey outside-working inside Sunday a bit more like summer.
Thank you Mixcloud!


it’s it’s it’s … It’s the WEEKEND!!!!

20 Apr

Favourite track to kickstart the weekend.
Lulu Rouge does Gus Gus makes magic.


Turning grey Tuesdays into champagne covered Fridays.

14 Feb

This is Rodriguez Jr. – Bittersweet – in a Sebastian Radlmeier Remix, and it totally made my day.
Hope it’ll do it for you too.

Quoting Mobilee records: “After the huge success of Rodriguez Jr.‘s debut album “Bittersweet” we have two follow up remixes from techno man of the hour Christian Smith and Paso’s Sebastian Radlmeier aka Sebrok”.

I’m glad you did!

Here’s the second remix. Rodriguez Jr. – Bagpipe Woman – in a Christian Smith Remix.
Still oh so totally right up my alley. Yei!



Magic Music Monday!

21 Nov

For some reason my Mondays are the best for discovering new music. Probably because all my favourite musicians works their buts of during the weekend …

For instance Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs just released this pretty goddamn awesome track called “Dream On” and it’s up for grasps for absolutely free right here


I’m thrilled about this. You too ?


Scream Club video making extravaganza

31 Oct

Back from a weekend in Berlin. Yummy!
A lot of hard work, but also sun, bike rides, street art treasure hunt, fun and looovely people all around.

Went there with my karaoke-tree guitars. They’re gonna be totally famous! Soon. When this awesome Scream Club video by Cris Wiegandt hits the web.

I’ll keep you posted …

Good night.


Resident Advisor: Real scenes

12 Sep

If your are genuinely into electronic music, techno, legendary parties and the club scene – this. is. heaven.

London/Berlin based online electronic music magazine Resident Advisor recently did a series of short documentaries on the music scene in Bristol, Detroit and Berlin.

Covering everything from upcoming artist and underground music in Bristol, to the huge and legendary warehouse parties in the 90’s of Detroit and on worths to trashed out buildings, squatters and illegal clubbing in Berlin.

At approx 18 minutes of course they only let you in on some of the things going on, but the length really fits my (borderline adhd) short attention span.

Watch all of the Real Scenes right here

BUT consider yourself warned! This can really make you wanna stock your bag with Red Bull and Club Mate and just go all “screw you!” on your regular life.

For my part, my plans on going to Detroit next fall have really caught fire!
Any of you been there?
Or to Bristol for that matter?


Pictures of the Karaoke-tree ™

1 Sep

So … The StreetHeart/Trailerpark/karaoke-tree extravaganza worked like an absolute charm! Loved working with my wooden guitars and had a ton of fun watching people use them.
Here’s some pictures for you to see, from initial sketches to the final Karaoke-tree.

Enjoy! (I know, I did! :)

Photo : StreetHeart

Photo : Kenneth Nguyen

Photo : Nicolai Levin

Photo : Kenneth Nguyen

Photo : StreetHeart

The Karaoke-tree ™

28 Jul

Busy busy busy! (and totally doing nothing + holidaying to).

These days I’m working on an installation at this years Trailerpark festival in Copenhagen.

Curated by Streetheart a lot of different street artists join forces with Trailerpark booked artists to make the festival an even more fun place to be.

I wanted to make something that people could interact with and something FUN! – so I’ve been working on my karaoke-tree the last couple of weeks. Compliments of my big brother, the carpenter, I’ve got some totally cool guitars and killer-ass microphones.

So the last days I’ve been painting, drying, painting, drying and then taping things up and painting some more. And it’s been a total slice of heaven! Here’s some pictures from the preparation/painting extravaganza.

I’ve been a little nervous about this, because you just never know if people react to your things the way you intended. But when the karaoke-tree was done, late last night, it just felt totally right and people started playing with the installation just as I had hoped! It was to dark for proper pictures in use, so they’ll tick in later this week.


The festival’s opening today (with a lot of great music I might add) so I’m really excited to see how people will respond to the Karaoke-tree. (Which is not really a ™, it just looked kinda cool. Right?:)


In the meantime … somewhere, a little less further than, near by

20 Jun

Updates from both Distortion and the Start! festival are in the making (… or, in the head being though of, anyways) But UNTILL then … just thought you should know that the forthcoming SBTRKT album is up for free streaming right here on the hype machine Yai!!

Don’t quite know who SBTRKT is? Then you might recognize this one from the Step In Shadows EP, released in 2010.

I totally love this. And the nice video including a “hat’s off” to Hayao Miyazaki and his Kaonashi mask/ no face mask from the ever so lovely Spirited Away. (Which you imediately have to see if you haven’t already). (Really!)

Anyways! SBTRKT full length album is out next week. And as the new songs are making their way into my ears, I’m thinking it’s gonna be just great as I thought. How lucky are we??


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