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I’m in love … again

15 Dec

To night I found the most amazing site. I cannot believe I haven’t seen this before? According to the site the hype has been immense!! But of course, I don’t live in NYC ; )

ANYWAYS. The Selby dot com. Run by Todd Selby. Portrait/interiors/fashion photographer and illustrator. Specialising in photographing all kinds of creative people in their homes and interviewing them in the wonderfully silly form of handwritten questionnaires. Perfect!

So. You need to go to THE SELBY … Immediately!
Here you’ll find tons of lovely pictures of fantastic homes and of people so amazing you want to chew your arm of!

For instance : Urban farmer, Annie Novak.

And I must warn you. There is a serious jealousy alert on this one!

Ohhhhh how I love my life (besides of course this temporary sickness and the being in bed one more month …) BUT this site is really amazing. I want to be all of these persons! NOW!


Pharrel Williams flashing his “kidult” lifestyle … I totally get it!


My hero George Lois and his ever powerful smile


Imagine waking up in that bed … Home of Lyndsay Caleo, goldsmith and interior designer; and Fitzhugh Karol, woodworker and interior designer. Wow!


…. these are just a few of the ton of pictures and stories that awaits you at The Selby, and of course there’s also a video that just makes you wanna dye your hair, quit your job and buy a skateboard …


// Ida


The sound of 2011 is : Yai !

7 Dec

Just recently BBC released their Sound of 2011 predictions, listing the 15 most promising somewhat unknown artist. 15 bands, singers, rappers and producers to keep an extra eye on as we enter 2011.

There’s a lot (a LOT!) of interesting artists on the full list, so it’s quite hard to pick out favourites, but for me, personally, it’s a big fat thumbs up and woo hooo! to Warpaint, Jamie Woon and Jai Paul.

Can’t wait to hear more!

First up: Warpaint.
2 songs for you. Lovely live version of the light and dreamy “Billie Holiday”, which you might have heard on your radio? – and then of course their brilliantly beautiful cover of one of my favourite Bowie song: Ashes to ashes.
Ahhh … Feels like floating on feathers.

Secondly: Jamie Woon
I know nothing of this man, but I have a good feeling, that I will. Really soon.
This track makes me wanna go clubbing, celebrate new years and host a huge outdoor party all at once! I’m not sure that’s a proof of anything, besides my urgent need for at party!, but it really has a nice energy to it.

Third up : Jai Paul
I have no idea how to categorize this (and maybe that’s the whole point?). But no matter what it is, it’s amazing. That’s for sure. Hugely interesting.
Really like it!


In early 2010, BBC will be back with an even shorter version of the list, as they announce the top 5 of promising 2011 artist. And on January 7th, they should be down to just 1 act : The all round winner of The BBC sound of 2011.

I predict that it’s going to be unbearably hard to choose from this line up!



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