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6th stop : Eindhoven!

24 Oct

A two-hour train ride from Antwerpen, and you have : Eindhoven.

A city with approx 500.000 inhabitants. Mostly know for the PSV football team, but luckily also known for something a bit further up my alley : Dutch Design Week. 2 days here are nowhere near enough, but I think I’ve got a pretty good impression of the design week and a lot of inspiration as well! AND on top of that, I also got the experience of being stuck on the roof of a 9 floor building, because I got to nosy, wandered off and did not see the missing handle on the door until it was too late.

So if you wonder, how I got this nice close up of the big Phillips clock on the Klokgebouw tower? Then that’s why ; )


The Piet Hein Eek building in Eindhoven really blew my mind. Almost all the old warehouse buildings in the area has been torn down, but one is still there and it has been restored and today it holds offices, workspaces, shops and restaurants.


Same same, but different.

The building had such an interesting feel to it, and off course during DDW it is packed with all kinds of  lovely things, so there was hours of entertainment for me!


Jeiks! No wonder kids can’t fall a sleep !


I was especially thrilled to see a room with all kinds of old decoration-thingies, lamps, big facade letters, full size wooden soldier figures, dying blue gorillas, Chinese faces in glass cubes … You know. Normal stuff ; )

Here’s a little taste of what Sunday the 24th of October 2010 felt like, in and around Eindhoven. I hope you’ll enjoy the pictures – and the nice Jamie xx remix of the Glasser song : Tremel.

// Ida



24 Oct

People in Denmark generally have the impression that Belgium is a boring country … It’s probably because of all the politicians. Danes aren’t huge fans of politics. But anyways. I always thought that the country HAD to be interesting, because a lot of really good music come from Belgium.

So I decided to stop by the city of Antwerpen. It wasn’t boring at all! In fact it was perfectly cosy and had a ton of great (and really diverse) bars to enjoy the lovely Belgian beer : ) Here’s some pictures from Antwerpen.

Nice detail from the old buildings along the river.

I’m never gonna have enough of these.

Hmm … Is that really a bus you wanna get on ?

Statue showing the tale of the two drunk men and the giant called Long John.
He seems to be a bit focused on his lower parts, this John …

And then – Off to Austria!

Plastic Lassie never ever leaves home.

Hej ho, hej ho …

Oh no … This could very well be the saddest thing in the entire universe. Ha ha.

Antwerpen seen from the other side of the river. In the woods where the left bank strangler lures …
Or, supposedly he did lure at some point many years ago.

More lovely colours from along the river.


Travel light? … not so especially much.

23 Oct

I must be the worst backpacker in the world.

I actually did some really nice pre-packing from home, but I seem to get some new stuff all the time, and darn it I don’t know where to put ’em!

CD’s, books, postcards, maps, more books, more CD’s and ehm … quite a deal of clothes as well. This is OF COURSE because it is actually a lot colder, that I thought!

Anyways. I all ready shipped home some stuff from London. 5 kilo of stuff actually! I have a friend who lived in London once, and she said that shipping to Denmark was actually quite cheap, so I thought “Oh, well it’s probably around 10-15 GB pounds or so. I’ll be fine”.

52 GBP !!!

Ha ha … that’s almost worth more, than the things in the package in it self! : )

And here I am again. In Antwerpen. All ready sensing that getting all my things inside the backpack is gonna be just as easy as climbing Mount Everest with two broken legs.

BUT as you can tell – I HAD to buy these things.

LOVELY piece of plasticky table-cloth.

It’s gonna be a good year.

And the mushroom-must-have-book-holder.

Love it.


Oh, and Antwerpen itself seems like a really nice city!
Tell you all about it, in the next post : )

// Ida

5th stop Antwerpen!

23 Oct

I have never been to Belgium before, so I was quite excited to visit Antwerpen. Took the train from Paris and got 1st class tickets at 2nd class prices. So whereas I arrived to Paris still quite itchy and disgusted from the nasty London hotel – I left Paris in style …

Big, soft, red seats. Load of space. Free lunch, free drink AND free wi-fi.

Apparently shiny ceilings are really important, when you’re travelling on 1st class.

Extremely shiny ceilings!

And after only 2 hours – Antwerpen central station.

Beautiful old building.


Take it slow …
On the train from Paris to Antwerpen, I realised why it is, that I love travelling by train so much. I really enjoy the movement and the thoroughness of a train ride.  You get to see the landscape, the houses, the animals, the dumps and you actually get to see the people who live in the country – and not just the big overview from the airplane. I feels way more present to me.

But I realised that art also has a lot to do with it my love of trains. The surroundings of airports are always insanely boring, where as the areas surrounding central stations have always been compelling to be. Art, graffiti, life, movement, pulse and usually quite a deal of offbeat characters as well …

So if you have the time. Please, relax and take the train ; )

Welcome to Antwerpen.


// Ida

Paris in Pics

23 Oct

I loooove Paris. Really. This was my 4th visit there, and every time I get to see more and more of the city. The weather was perfect, the hostel was … ehm … okay.

Here are some pictures for you to see.

Nice little bird singing on Palais de Tokyo.

Dangerous wolf at Quai de Valmy.

Eeeeeevery freaking where you go …

Padlock attack on Pont des Arts.

Pont de l’Alma. Nice Space invader piece

And Michael Jackson in Duck tape. Palais de Tokyo.

Nice pieces of work outside the Père Lachaise cemetery.

No visit in Paris with out a strike going on. View from the Père Lachaise cemetery.

Lovely trashed out building in Montmartre.

Love the colors in these.

Shop in Belleville. Stubborn French people? ; )

Neon fail. Boulevard de Clichy.

Say what? on Pont de l’Alma

Ewww. Scary … 1:1 facemask on wall in Montmartre.

Nice mosaic in Montmartre.
Bye Bye Kitty ?

Dinner at local restaurant. Tacky ? Nooooo …. ; )

Definitely the real one!

Uh uh uh! Skinny legs skinny legs skinny legs!!

Somewhere around Palais de Tokyo. Preeeeeeety.

The hidden guards of the Seine River.


The @ doors.

Close up on the Seine river.

Straight outta the boring hairstyle convention …

Einstein meets Mr. Brainwash. Rue la Fayette.

Another nice space invader, Rue la Fayette.

And no, you can’t bring your strange goat looking pointy-legged dog!
But what if it carries the leash itself?

// Ida

4th stop : Paris

20 Oct

Awwwwww how I love this city! Don’t know what it is, but it just feels so good coming to Paris.

On second thoughts it might be because of the fact that I got away alive (and with no visual diseases) from that insanely nasty hotel in London ; )

Took the TGV train under the canal from London to Paris. 2 hours and 20 minutes and you roll into Gard du Nord. Brilliant!

Did a lot of lovely and memorable things in Paris and met some really nice people, but the first thing I’d like to share is the experience of Père Lachaise. A really big cemetery in eastern Paris. Soooo nice! And strangely enough – actually really inspiring! Took a ton of pictures, so here’s a little movie with some of them.



Guinness Factory!

15 Oct

As I mentioned earlier, I really loved the Guinness brewery in Dublin!

Not so much because of the brewing it self, but because of that amazing old building and the really (really!) cool work the architects and designers did in renovating the old factory.



Around Dublin

15 Oct

Honestly, I couldn’t quite get a hold of Dublin while I was there. The city seemed a bit odd to me.
It wasn’t really pretty and it wasn’t really ugly. Not really interesting and not really boring. On all terms I found it to be a bit in the middle. Nothing fancy, nothing terrible. Just … ehm … average. So it didn’t really get to me, it was just like … okay.

Of course it comes to the story that I was there alone, and didn’t go to a lot a pubs – if you are there with friends it’s probably a lot of fun since there a tons of pubs to go to!

Anyways. The hostel that I stayed at was really nice. The Times Hostel in Camden Place. (You might wanna write that down). Small and old, but really clean and with a lot of public things that really worked. Kitchen, commom room, free dinners etc. AND it was 18€ pr night.

BUT despite this quite strange feeling of Dublin here’s some interesting pictures from the city of dark brown beer.

On the bus. With Salman Rushdie ( ? )

Sleeping bear.

The sweet irony of neighbourhood.

Funny and scary at the same time!


Worn down buildings near the Guinness brewery.

Love the colours in this one.


Ain’t all bad
One thing that I really loved about Dublin (besides the OFFSET festival) was the Guinness brewery. Not so much because of the brewing it self, but because of the amazing old building and the really (really!) cool work the architects and designers did in renovating the old factory. Go here for pictures.



15 Oct

ATTENTION : Upfront service information to the potentially stressed reader : this is a looong one.

Oh my … Where to start! OFFSET was really inspiring to me!

3 days of brilliantly talented creatives from Ireland, UK and US doing talks, live Q & A’s, sharing good advice and showing some really amazing work – all of it wrapped inside the quite impressive Grand Canal Theater in Dublin.


Lights outside Grand Canal Theatre.

And some quite scary reflections in the nearby windows.

The talks!
Being in advertising it was really huge for me, to meet the legendary George Lois, who completely revolutionized the business back in the 60’s and did some work, that still works (and knocks people over) today.


George Lois is probably mostly known for his work with the launch of MTV and his really provocative covers for Esquire magazine – but for me he’s also known to be the man who says: “Go fuck yourself!!” in every 3rd sentence! : ) All though mostly used to tell stories from the old days in advertising, where he to fight quite a deal to get it his way.

Which he usually did ; )

Cover for Esquire Magazine. Mid 60’s as I recall. Amazing.

Q&A with George Lois.


Speaking of legendary …
While we’re on the legendary pieces of work, Lance Wyman was there as well. Amongst other thing, showing his work on the Mexico Olympics in 1968. Which is still really great work!


Wow. How’s that for nice interior!? : )


Design DOES save the world! Sometimes.
Lance Wyman also showed some of his really huge pieces of way finding work on metro systems. I found these really amazing. The HUGE amounts of work really got to me!

Creating entire way finding systems for such a complex thing as metro – using no letters (NONE!) as the system should work in 3 different languages and also serve the great amount of illiterate people living in Mexico City. Lance Wyman and his colleagues build the entire metro system using only pictograms and easily understandable graphics.

If you like this, then make sure to visit the Lance Wyman site. Hours of interesting work awaits you! : )


Finally it makes sence!!
Despite both of these really amazing hard-working creative legends, there was one guy in particular who really blew me away. Daniel Eatock.

London-based artist / designer / everything in between + circle fanatic.

Personally I can get quite frustrated with some of my ideas, because I can’t seem to make them real or turn them into something concrete. I find them to be stupid, not useful or ehm … a little hard to tackle. That’s why meeting Daniel Eatock was such a great experience! He has actually found a way to use all of his ideas and transform them into something both engaging, unique and somewhat sellable as well. For one, that was really inspiring, but most importantly – it appears that he sees the world, in the same way that I do!? Which is sooo nice when you sometimes think that you’re really loosing it …

Daniel Eatocks work is quite hard to describe, but if you stop by his website, you’ll find days worth of entertainment!


Quick links
(well … the first ones are quick, anyway)

Other really nice experiences was the Wooster Collective and their new book called Trespassers. In there you will find some of the most amazing pieces of street art and public interventions and also the magnificent excentric; Philippe Petit. All of the pieces in the book were done in restricted and forbidden areas, hence the title, and if it wasn’t so darn heavy and coffee table book-like, I would’ve bought it on the spot! It looked really nice.

Alan Clarke
(Dublin based artist & person!) was also really cool with his funny, yet intelligent, illustrations and insanely funny stories and rimes!
Check his website hereHe promises that it’s “a mighty fine piece of internet!”

Emily Forgot
, young Dublin illustrator, who did some really nice illustrations with funny small hidden objects in them, and who also really won me over, by her focus on “keeping that child like feeling of not really caring what other people think.”

Steve ESPO Powers.
The next time you meet someone, who thinks, that nothing good could ever (EVER!!) come from graffiti and that “the kids should be locked up!!” you come armed. You come bringing : Steve Powers.


Steve Powers was based in graffiti, known as ESPO, but today he’s (mostly) doing some really nice (legal) pieces.  Changing trashy urban areas into lovely, poetic, art pieces – “one eyesore at a time“.


What I find so special about his work is for starters the really romantic angel on things and secondly the way he really tries to engage the neighbours in the work he does. If he’s painting a mural in a town, he makes sure to know the history and feel of the city, and also to TALK to the people there, and ask them what they’d like to look at.

I really think that’s something special.
And something that many artist can learn from.

When the art piece is relevant to the people around it, it gains value and it might end up as something way more than “just” something that’s nice to look at.


As for instance this mural, made alongside the train rails in a really trashed up part of Philadelphia, US.
Steve Powers was hired to make something that could bound the people, living on each side of the rail, closer together.

Every day tons of Phillys pass by the mural – known today only as the “Hold Tight wall”. Really nice.
Fore more on Steven Powers. Go here.

Conclusion : Wauw.
I still haven’t quite absorbed or digested the OFFSET experience. But as you can probably tell, this was really amazing. Big up to the three Dublin guys who devote most of their wake hours doing this, so that I can do this ; )

If you liked this, then make sure to visit the OFFSET site to see the full program, as it was loaded with brilliant artist!


Meanwhile … in another place not so close by.

8 Oct

I just realised that I completely forgot to post this before I left Copenhagen.
(And I still haven’t figured out how to pass on the photos from Dublin, so I need some more time).
BUT, point is, that this one really annoyed me.

Okay … so you love your girlfriend/boyfriend/dog and you want to show it to the world. Well yippie hoo hoos to you! Of course you go out and buy a pair of lockers, write your initials on them and do the romantic ceremony of closing the lock somewhere special in order to confirm that you will forever and ever and ever and EVER love each other like crazy.

Despite the harsh sarcastic tone of this, I actually get it. I might even wind up nagging my upcoming boyfriend till he bleeds to do the exact same thing … BUT! Seriously guys, what is up with the location ??

A bridge crossing deep waters??

This is like shouting at really lonely people, that they’re never ever gonna experience a love as true and powerfull as yours, so they might as well just go ahead and jump anyway.




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