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Why mindless doodling is a good thing

5 Apr

I was working somewhat late last night and just minutes away from brain meltdown I pushed aside the laptop and began some random doodling …

And then all of a sudden … This little fellow appeared!

Along came his friends, legs were altered and wham bam …

Online Easter Greeting!

I wish I had kick-ass evidence like this to show my teachers when I was a kid … they really weren’t believers of the “doodling in class can be good” movement.

Wishing all of you a Happy Easter and some great days of from work.
And if you’re not the easter celebrating kind of guy/gal – then have a great weekend!



Why artists are always late …

12 Jan

Excited idea: Uh! I should totally exhibit my comics at cool local café!

23/12-11: Made arrangement with nice local cafe owner. Must send pictures of comics to him and curator.

27/12-11: Took loads of pictures of comics!

28/12-11: Took new pictures with fancier background. Needed candle lights.

29/12-11: Started working on perfectly cool presentation showing all comics from various angles, writing perfect words to describe comics in perfect details and thereby showing it all from a perfect perspective being just perfect.

30/11-11: Paralyzed with performance anxiety.

3/1-12: Opened InDesign document and decided to switch to more simple PowerPoint presentation. I made it way to complicated before!

3/1-12: Closed Power Point presentation as it looked like shit.

4/1-12: Opened Power Point presentation. Closed Power Point presentation.

6/1-12: Started thinking that cafe would probably just reject comics, so I might as well just drop it.

8/1-12: Convinced that comics suck too much to show in public.

9/1-12: Opened Power Point presentation to make sure. Yeah, def. sucks.

11/1-12: Ate obscene amount of cake to comfort me on being such a lame artist.

12/1-12: Found existing pictures, attached to email, typed e-mail address of nice local owner, hit “send”. Total time spend: 4 minutes.

Print credits


Speech bubble up!

21 Sep

Sunday after noon I went to Amager to install the speech bubble extravaganza. The weather was quite grey and windy, so I’m hoping for sunny-times all weekend so that I can get some even greater shots. Untill then, here you go – hope you like it :)

Early preparations.

Ready to hang.

Hahaha … My sister’s doing the modelling on this last picture. LOVE it! :)

Sad thing is that on Monday morning both the heart and the bone for the dogs was gone … and by Tuesday morning the shit was taken as well. Really sad about that, but I guess that’s what can happen when you hang things in public spaces. I’m working out of Copenhagen this week, but I’ve been told the installation still looks good, so I’m glad about that. And happy that I got some good shots of the shit while it was still there.

And all though I’m sad people stole the stuff, it helps a little to know, that I (in order to attract the local dogs) dipped the dog-bone in a big pile of dog shit before we hung it up …

All the street art projects in the AMAR TAR ORDET treasure hunt will be up until late Sunday, so please do stop by if you’re in or around Copenhagen.
Any of you been there already? And if so, what did you think? :)


Speech bubble frenzy, part II

18 Sep

So! – the painting is done, and I’d like to show you just a bit from the process.

8 speech bubbles and some different filling, almost ready to take over Amager!
Read my prior post on the project, if I’ve totally lost you already. It’s right here.

1. step, base painting all the speech bubbles.

Step 2, hanging ’em makes the painting less messy. (Or at least that was the intention …)

One down. LOVE that colour!

And three down.

All the filling for the speech bubbles.

Now also base painted.

The first layer of detailed paint.

Hearts and cakes go hand in hand.

Ahead awaits some pretty serious drying hours and then the practical issue of getting the thing up in the air! I’ll keep you posted.

If you’re in Copenhagen, have you decided which day you’re gonna go treasure hunting? It’s looking good out there already! :)


Right now I am …

17 Sep

… working on a fun art project with my street art blogging friends at STREETHEART.

Next week the part of Copenhagen called “Amager” has a cultural festival, this year focussing on art in public space. Within that week there’s going to be a street art treasure hunt, and I’m making one of the post.

BRILLIANT treasure map made by Bacso5. Love it! :)

The festival is entitled “AMAR TAR ORDET” which translates into something like “Amager speaks up”. I’ve taken that quite literally and worked up an idea focusing on speaking, talking and (day)dreaming.

Here is some of the initial sketches.

My older brother’s the best fine cutting carpenter there is! (I do the drawing and then he takes over :)

My younger brother totally working that dream-bubble.

Let’s give ’em something to talk about.

1. step of the process is done!

Ahead lies a looooooot of painting hours. I’ll keep you posted!
If you’re in or around Copenhagen next week, then drop by the AMAR TAR ORDET facebook page to get information on treasure map pick up and all the other fun things going on.



1st stop : Reeperbahn festival!

24 Sep


My long-awaited journey around Europe has begun! I was nervous like hell when I left Copenhagen yesterday, but I’m already a bit more calm and super excited!

For starters I’m in Hamburg, which is a lovely city!, and the Reeperbahn Festival is on. Music, art and a comics festival all wrapped in one in a really nice laid back, let’s relax and have a beer kind of way.

What’s not to like? : )

The Germans are however a bit cheap with the free wi-fi, so I’m on at race against the clock with this 60 minutes for 8€ connection! So just a short entry for starters … Much more to come.

I saw a lot of cool bands yesterday, for instance the Danish duo Murder with the brilliant voice og Jacob Bellens and swedish act Moto Boy – but HUNDREDS from Hamburg, Germany was really the love of the day.

Saw them in a beautiful old theatre building just on Reeperbahn. Definitely something to keep an eye on.


Crazy times call for drawing therapy!

1 Sep

So, times are kinda crazy here. I quit my job about 2 months ago, my last working day was this friday, and in 5 days … I’m going to Costa Rica!

Which is just here.

I applied for a 8 day job as a blogger for the Chiquita organization – and darn it, if I didn’t get it! So on September the 5th. I’m off to join the Chiquita Expedition 2010. (Sounds like something HUGE! : )

I’m the Danish blogger and will be joining a Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish blogger as well. I’m really excited about the trip and all that going to happen, but also quite scared, as I’ve never been that far away before.

But hey – seriously – what is the worst thing that could happen?

Let me show you …

Day 1
This is me. I am in the middle of the rain forest. It’s dark. I hear strange noises. It’s a thousand degrees. I have a flashlight in one hand and a hammock in the other. Our guide has just left us for the night.

Day 2
!!!! ARGH !!!!

Number of snakes seen : 64
Number of really girlie screams : 68
Amount of underwear brought : not enough.

Day 4
This is me (on the left). In the bus from San Jose, going north. It’s a 25-hour bus ride.
The kid on the back is growing teeth and his cat just jumped out the window. The crazy hat on Eduardo’s head? You don’t wanna know …

Day 5
Here I am. At the beach. My legs are kinda the same colour as cookie dough. If you’re making really pale, white cookies, that is. Of course my hair has gone completely bonkers because of the humidity.

The girl on the left is a French designer that works in an art gallery in NYC. The next girl is local and called Consuela Del Notre (which is an insanely cool name!) The girl on the right has won Miss Universe 83 times. She makes me feel really insecure and less worthy. (All though is does make me feel slightly better, that apparently she only has one arm ? )

Day 7
Here I am. Passed out on the ground, because we met yet another snake.
Our real guide is sick, so we got his 17-year nephew, who is a surfer dude from Florida, that treks in flip-flops and thinks everything looks like breast … including my squared earrings.

And now – not so anxious …
Having now faced all of my biggest fears and the worst of thoughts, I’m READY to join the Chiquita expedition and travel across the globe to look at those bananas!

I’m really excited! And not that scared … Unless of course it’s true, what they say about bird spiders and their love of bananas !!??

// Ida

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