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Worlds worst children’s choir?

28 Dec

This might be the worlds worst children’s choir. Still I absolutely totally LOVE it!
Hope you will too.

Brilliant. Don’t you think? :)



Amazing casestudy from Toronto!

11 Jan

Perfect planning, nifty research and sheer brilliance!!

I love this!! :)

Visit John St. right here! I know I will!


One word : Wow …

20 Aug

Apparently this is like 6 months old, but I only just saw it today. Thanks to my lovely colleague Anja Østergaard!

Follow this link and see what I’m talking about And then there was salsa


Unf**k the Gulf

18 Jul

I’m not all that political, but sometimes the message just has to get through.
I think this campaign really grabs the attention in a good way.

Let out some steam and help Unfuck the Gulf.

BP have fucked things up and we're mad as fuck!

Been there. Done that. But have you got the T-shirt??

Get it right here. and make sure to watch the quite funny swearing video.


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