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Think of a happy place …

2 Sep

Having not got the time for drawing therapy to forget that TERRIBLE creature from my last post, I’ve now switched to more efficient methods.

Known as “The My Little Pony Method” …

Slowly digest every picture for a minimum of 20 seconds, and let the wonders of eternal happiness sink in.

(God, I hope this works!)


O …. M …. G ….

2 Sep

This is a Costa Rica beetle.
This is not good.
This is really not good.

Must … consider … more … drawing therapy …

// Ida

Crazy times call for drawing therapy!

1 Sep

So, times are kinda crazy here. I quit my job about 2 months ago, my last working day was this friday, and in 5 days … I’m going to Costa Rica!

Which is just here.

I applied for a 8 day job as a blogger for the Chiquita organization – and darn it, if I didn’t get it! So on September the 5th. I’m off to join the Chiquita Expedition 2010. (Sounds like something HUGE! : )

I’m the Danish blogger and will be joining a Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish blogger as well. I’m really excited about the trip and all that going to happen, but also quite scared, as I’ve never been that far away before.

But hey – seriously – what is the worst thing that could happen?

Let me show you …

Day 1
This is me. I am in the middle of the rain forest. It’s dark. I hear strange noises. It’s a thousand degrees. I have a flashlight in one hand and a hammock in the other. Our guide has just left us for the night.

Day 2
!!!! ARGH !!!!

Number of snakes seen : 64
Number of really girlie screams : 68
Amount of underwear brought : not enough.

Day 4
This is me (on the left). In the bus from San Jose, going north. It’s a 25-hour bus ride.
The kid on the back is growing teeth and his cat just jumped out the window. The crazy hat on Eduardo’s head? You don’t wanna know …

Day 5
Here I am. At the beach. My legs are kinda the same colour as cookie dough. If you’re making really pale, white cookies, that is. Of course my hair has gone completely bonkers because of the humidity.

The girl on the left is a French designer that works in an art gallery in NYC. The next girl is local and called Consuela Del Notre (which is an insanely cool name!) The girl on the right has won Miss Universe 83 times. She makes me feel really insecure and less worthy. (All though is does make me feel slightly better, that apparently she only has one arm ? )

Day 7
Here I am. Passed out on the ground, because we met yet another snake.
Our real guide is sick, so we got his 17-year nephew, who is a surfer dude from Florida, that treks in flip-flops and thinks everything looks like breast … including my squared earrings.

And now – not so anxious …
Having now faced all of my biggest fears and the worst of thoughts, I’m READY to join the Chiquita expedition and travel across the globe to look at those bananas!

I’m really excited! And not that scared … Unless of course it’s true, what they say about bird spiders and their love of bananas !!??

// Ida

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