What is this?

I’m a cartoon-drawing, postcard-making, sneaker-loving, freelance copywriter.
Huge music-fan, festival-junkie, street art freak.

In the fall of 2010 I left my job at a Danish advertising agency and went travelling.

First off I went to Costa Rica on an assignment for the Chiquita organisation (Bananablog) and then I went around Europe for at couple of months to gather inspiration and join seminars, art fairs, design weeks – and to take upon the challenge of travelling alone with only my backpack, laptop and camera.



If you follow the link here (Europe trip) you’ll find a ton of pictures, movies, reviews and interesting links. Remember: as this is a date controlled blog, you’ll start at the end of my trip, so you might wanna begin by flipping a few pages backwards : )



So … Here I am.
After a lot of travelling and new experiences, I’m back and getting
started with my freelance business.

Super excited!



HurraHurra is my blog, my website, my resume, my portfolio, my job application, my interests, my work, my EVERYTHING!! (Oh …. and also the proof, that I tend to get a bit dramatic sometimes …)

Make yourself at home : )


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