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On repeat (the constant neverending kind)

28 Jun

I stumbled across this track a few months back on
Just recently found it online and totally had to share it.

The original track is by Leix & Hitch titled xxx coming from their EP Low Cutz out on Novo music. This is a dub mix by Spanish Uner. Slow and a bit lazy for starters and then adding the track a more raw and industrial feel which I absolutely totally and completely adore.

H.O.L.Y. crap this is good.

I’ve been over the drop at 4:06 so many times my ears bleed. Which seems like a fair price to pay.

And here’s the whole Low Cutz EP for you to listen to.
I’m smitten with all 5 tracks, but still have a favored nick on Uner’s version.
Yei! (Seems like weekend already!)

Anyone with another favourite than Uner?
Please tick the comment box and tell tell tell!



MAkroSinus makes working Sundays quite the hoot!

17 Jun

Uh yei! Almost 52 minutes of niceness.
Makes my grey outside-working inside Sunday a bit more like summer.
Thank you Mixcloud!


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