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Scream Club video making extravaganza

31 Oct

Back from a weekend in Berlin. Yummy!
A lot of hard work, but also sun, bike rides, street art treasure hunt, fun and looovely people all around.

Went there with my karaoke-tree guitars. They’re gonna be totally famous! Soon. When this awesome Scream Club video by Cris Wiegandt hits the web.

I’ll keep you posted …

Good night.



Close, but no cake …

20 Oct

Ah … darn it! 11 more votes and I would’ve been all wopee-deedle-doo on your asses and of to Hamburg!

There were only room for 3 european artist and I needed just 11 more votes to get more than Swiss artist TIKA. When you lose it’s really far nicer to really LOSE than to lose with 11 votes … Oh well. I’m glad to have been nominated. And next time I wont let my modesty prevent me from gathering more votes … I’m gonna spam you down and be all vote! vote! vote! VOTE DAMMIT!!!
Untill then … :)

Thanks to everyone who did actually vote.
I really appreciate it.


Uh uh uh! Nominated to join WASHfestival!

11 Oct


I’ve just learned that I’m one of the nominees who might get to join the WASHfestival in Hamburg!!

WASHfestival is a social arts festival (Water Sanitation Hygiene) that gathers funding for specific water projects from Viva con Agua and Welthungerhilfe in Ethiopia.

A jury has picked out 22 artist as the nominees (thank you!) and now it’s up to you to cut it down to the 11 final participants!


I would really like to join the art camp of this very first social arts festival, so if you like what I’ve done on other projects and would like to see me interpret the topic of WASH? – please put down a vote for “Ida Kinch” at the voting site

Now please go check out the other great finalist and vote!

I’d REALLY like the chance to join the WASHfestival, so if you like what I do please tick that pretty little box for “Ida Kinch” here.

Thanks! :)

If you’d like to know more about the projects and see more pictures, please visit these posts


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