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In the meantime … somewhere, a little less further than, near by

20 Jun

Updates from both Distortion and the Start! festival are in the making (… or, in the head being though of, anyways) But UNTILL then … just thought you should know that the forthcoming SBTRKT album is up for free streaming right here on the hype machine Yai!!

Don’t quite know who SBTRKT is? Then you might recognize this one from the Step In Shadows EP, released in 2010.

I totally love this. And the nice video including a “hat’s off” to Hayao Miyazaki and his Kaonashi mask/ no face mask from the ever so lovely Spirited Away. (Which you imediately have to see if you haven’t already). (Really!)

Anyways! SBTRKT full length album is out next week. And as the new songs are making their way into my ears, I’m thinking it’s gonna be just great as I thought. How lucky are we??



Awwww … yum.

17 Jun

I just had to share this. Joanna Newsom: ‘Sprout and the bean’.

Nothing new. But something amazingly well suited for both good night, good morning and well-hello-there-midday scenarios.

In my world : Perfect.




11 Jun

I still haven’t quite absorbed this years DISTORTION festival, so I haven’t decided on the favourites … yet! But I’ll get there soon.

Meanwhile …. I’m slowly getting ready for the START! festival, which takes place just 5 minutes away. (Yei!)

The START! festival focuses on new, mainly Danish, bands. No particular genres, just the acts that the festival jury find the most exciting right now. Judging by this years artwork, one might think that they’ve gone completely overboard in some 60’s hippie Hendrix guitar frenzy … BUT luckily the program has a lot of promising new talent in my favourite genre, the electronic one.

I’ve got my eye set on one artist in particular. Danish act: Rangleklods. Which translates into something like … ehm … rattlebox … rattlebrick … ehm … no, it doesn’t actually translate that well. At all. Luckily the music speaks for itself! I’m looking forward to this.

Young and dumb.


They made this possible!!!
Thanks to Kronvold at Club Dish for a heads up on this one!

Have a nice weekend!


Oh sweet mother of all that is good and pure …

7 Jun

… I’m totally head over heels in love with this Nicolas Jarr remix of Danish darlings When Saints Go Machine. Apparently not a new new new!! thing, but I haven’t stumbled across it untill now.

No more words necessary.



They made this possible!!
Thanks to Jan Henning for never-ending-lovely inspiration!


SPOT update!

2 Jun

Busy, busy so just a short update from a really nice SPOT festival last weekend.

3 videos from my top 3 concert list, which could just as easily have been a top 14.

For me it was the Norwegian year.
For starters, lovely diverted experience with Harrys Gym.


Next up is something also Norwegian. Nothing new, new, new!!!! – but a first time for me to experience Jarle Bernhoft.
He’s really amazing.

I’m usually all about synth, dub and heavy baselines, but all though scaringly r’n’b funk-like, this really got to me.
Insanely talented!

And then finally for something completely different!

Danish act, Brother Grimm.

Of course I’m totally overboard on the lyrics-part of this. The act of rapping on funny issues, and still managing to keep it real and making one hell of a pa-har-ty-hay!
Is da WiggedyWack.

For more on SPOT
For another one of my favourites who does words
For instant fun – COME TO COPENHAGEN NOW and join the DISTORTION street festival!

I bet you can still make it here!

// Ida

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