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6 May

Ah …. my new home away from home.
Or, sort of anyways.

Last weekend I went to Berlin with a close friend of mine. Main targets were: relaxing, enjoying the sun, taking advantage of the cheep, cheep german beer and finally visiting legendary club : Berghain.
All of which succeeded just perfectly!

Berghain has managed to keep a really big hype going. Being a center of the european techno scene, known for their special “Berghain sound”, notoriously known for their strict doormen and the high amount of gay men – all uniting to celebrate life and a truly hedonistic sight on life. Which I totally enjoy being in the middle of! To push my own personal boundaries and to get an experience I’ll probably never forget.

So, I was planning to write a post describing the wonders of Berghain/Panorama bar, the roughness, the amazing scenery and the sense of goosebumps you get, when the music almost peeks and more than a thousand men all burst into deep roars at the same time, giving it all a scent of caveman and making so much noise that it even cuts through the heavy pounding of the bass! (My kind of heaven! Really). – but actually … someone already did this just perfectly! – So here’s a link to a run through of (some of) the mystery of Berghain/Panorama bar. Go to KeyWestElectronicScene

And seriously, If you’re just a tiny bit into electronic music and techno, make sure to go there.
The atmosphere is incredible, the sound system out of this world – and the beer comes flowing at you, at an unbelievable 2,30€.

Go! The sooner the better.

I know I will!


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