Chilly Gonzales … I love you. Nothing less.

26 Sep

I’m in love. Helplessly in love.
Completely struck by the Chilly Gonzales fever.

WHY have I never heard of this wonderfully intelligent, crazy, funny, brilliantly talented pianist slash producer slash rapper slash genius ?

Chilly Gonzales is originally from Canada, but now lives in Europe and besides being pretty much all round fucking awesome, he’s also the boyfriend of lovely Feist, and I’m sure he has done a ton of things, that I still have to discover. Mostly famous for his piano talk shows where he jumps around stage sweat dripping, screaming, yelling, rapping, joking and moving his fingers so fast on the piano, that it’s impossible to keep up.

Seriously – I never knew one man could produce so many different sounds at the same time using just one piano, ten fingers and well … some times his two feet as well.

And lucky, lucky me I got to see him two times this weekend! YAI!

Friday night I went to see him do a short live performance, and after that his new movie called “The Ivory Tower”. A movie written by Gonzales and featuring both him, DJ/Producer Tiga and musician/artist Peaches as the main characters.

Watch the trailer here. And prepare yourself for a LOVELY song with brilliantly sarcastic lyrics : “I am Europe”.

Movie vs soundtrack

The movie itself is definitely something to see. A nice story about chees, girls, competitions and brotherhood. Funny dialogues and characters and Peaches always wearing the very obvious wig – which in itself is quite funny.

Gonzales wrote the music for the movie and German based Boys Noize produced the album and … AHHHHH !!!!! This just all adds up! The lyrics are clever, funny and filled with both intellect and humour. The tunes are both sad, serious, preppy and dance floor worthy as Gonzales sings, raps, talks and plays his way through the 14 songs on the album. Amazing.

I was walking around Hamburg yesterday with this music in my ears all day and yeah … I think you get the point …but I’m really so completely in awe about this. Wow!

This is pretty much an order …
If you should do something nice for yourself today, you should log on to iTunes at once, and buy either the Ivory Tower album above here, or the fully instrumental one, that I’m listening to right now “Solo Piano” from 2004. (Or even better, buy both)
Awwwwww …

Live live liveeeee
Yesterday I went to a 1 1/2 hour show with only Gonzales and his piano on stage. My expectations were out of this world, and yet Gonzales met all of them with amazing precision. To get a hint of what the concert last night was like, and the “Solo Piano” album, watch “DOT” right here.

I just found my hero.
Well … I lack words. I ran out of prasing superlatives. Which is something I don’t usually do. But I think you’ve got my point by now? You need to buy these albums. Seriously. They are amazing.



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