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Aufwiedersehen Hamburg!

30 Sep

So, Hamburg was really nice!
Amazing street art, lovely trashed up cafes and some really cool areas where all kinds of creative people do what ever’s in their power to make the city a much more colorful and (in my opinion) more interesting place. For example the occupied buildings at the Gängeviertel in the center of Hamburg.

Translation : Time is not money. Work is not life.

I spent only 5 days there, but will most definitely come back! Took a ton of pictures, and as always, it’s impossible to choose. Therefore, a brief sample of some of them, off course accompanied by my new hero Chilly Gonzales, who led me around the streets of this lovely (and adorably cheap) city.

But before you meet Hamburg, Reeperbahn festival, Gonzales, Motoboy, Lissie, Wolf Parade, Cris, Jan Henning, the Beatles’ “hometown” and the lovely leftovers on the rooftop – here’s one photo that I’d like to headlight. A sign posted in the window of a closed store in central Hamburg.

Translation : If you want any photo work done, please contact the bakery …
But off course.

And now for the film.



Greetings from Reeperbahn

27 Sep

Now how was it again …
One on the roof, is better than ten in the hand?

Or ?

// Ida

Chilly Gonzales … I love you. Nothing less.

26 Sep

I’m in love. Helplessly in love.
Completely struck by the Chilly Gonzales fever.

WHY have I never heard of this wonderfully intelligent, crazy, funny, brilliantly talented pianist slash producer slash rapper slash genius ?

Chilly Gonzales is originally from Canada, but now lives in Europe and besides being pretty much all round fucking awesome, he’s also the boyfriend of lovely Feist, and I’m sure he has done a ton of things, that I still have to discover. Mostly famous for his piano talk shows where he jumps around stage sweat dripping, screaming, yelling, rapping, joking and moving his fingers so fast on the piano, that it’s impossible to keep up.

Seriously – I never knew one man could produce so many different sounds at the same time using just one piano, ten fingers and well … some times his two feet as well.

And lucky, lucky me I got to see him two times this weekend! YAI!

Friday night I went to see him do a short live performance, and after that his new movie called “The Ivory Tower”. A movie written by Gonzales and featuring both him, DJ/Producer Tiga and musician/artist Peaches as the main characters.

Watch the trailer here. And prepare yourself for a LOVELY song with brilliantly sarcastic lyrics : “I am Europe”.

Movie vs soundtrack

The movie itself is definitely something to see. A nice story about chees, girls, competitions and brotherhood. Funny dialogues and characters and Peaches always wearing the very obvious wig – which in itself is quite funny.

Gonzales wrote the music for the movie and German based Boys Noize produced the album and … AHHHHH !!!!! This just all adds up! The lyrics are clever, funny and filled with both intellect and humour. The tunes are both sad, serious, preppy and dance floor worthy as Gonzales sings, raps, talks and plays his way through the 14 songs on the album. Amazing.

I was walking around Hamburg yesterday with this music in my ears all day and yeah … I think you get the point …but I’m really so completely in awe about this. Wow!

This is pretty much an order …
If you should do something nice for yourself today, you should log on to iTunes at once, and buy either the Ivory Tower album above here, or the fully instrumental one, that I’m listening to right now “Solo Piano” from 2004. (Or even better, buy both)
Awwwwww …

Live live liveeeee
Yesterday I went to a 1 1/2 hour show with only Gonzales and his piano on stage. My expectations were out of this world, and yet Gonzales met all of them with amazing precision. To get a hint of what the concert last night was like, and the “Solo Piano” album, watch “DOT” right here.

I just found my hero.
Well … I lack words. I ran out of prasing superlatives. Which is something I don’t usually do. But I think you’ve got my point by now? You need to buy these albums. Seriously. They are amazing.


Chilly Gonzales … I love you (Part II).

26 Sep

I’m a huge geek for clever words and funny phrases, and it seems that I’ve found my new hero.

If you didn’t catch my last post, go here for my completely shameless declaration of love to Gonzales : )

The lyrics that Chilly Gonzales write is really amazing.
Funny, clever, crazy, arrogant, intelligent, brilliant.

Watch the NEVER STOP (rap version) video right here, and try to keep up with the lyrics underneath.


Lyrics, NEVER STOP, Chilly Gonzales.

How could I ever stop?
My position is missionary, I finish on top
and while you’re relaxin’, I take action
Guinness world record, I beat it, Michael Jackson

Never stop, I workaholic

I spit sweat splatter Jackson Pollock

but I’m not an artist, I just work the hardest

I beat it to a pulp, just ask Jarvis

Studio to studio, I drink juice,

produce tons of new shit, like a booty hole

show to show, full throttle, backstage,

no models, no bathroom, I piss in a bottle

And after the show a lot of autographs,

man, music is a joke I try not to laugh

I just try to enjoy the grind
my position?
Doggy, I come from behind

Underground, underdog, underrated

under stress, under pressure, under-appreciated

man, this is war

where careers get killed and thats not a metaphor, like

My mindset is military, like

My attitude is Hitchcock, very scary

persistence, instincts,

Go the distance, prove my existence

Thats why I never stop

Cause its not Chilly, its Lily, who makes really clever pop

I just do it in a different way

I’m kind of sort of indirect – ricochet,

Chilly like Pinochet, I don’t make hits, I take risks

and make flops like floppy disks

I still stay professional and not sloppy

I try to be original, not a photocopy

Can’t stop, wont stop

Harder, faster better stronger, I listen to the robots

I’m still doing things, so don’t cue the strings,

It ain’t over ’til Beth Ditto sings

So how could I ever quit

My position? Don’t fuck with me – celibate

Groupie go home, you can find another guy

man, music is a joke, I try not to cry

Sounds crazy, but the underground’s lazy

Maybe just a bunch of big babies

and they’re crying till they’re on the guest-list ,

then they puke at 6 am – English breakfast

See I always hatch a new scheme

No room for a club or a pub in my routine

I don’t judge you if you’re part of a true scene

but me ? I could be anywhere – blue screen

At the Grammys getting nominated

or trying to be a piano playing Larry David

flirting with rap, workin’ for Birkin

behind your favourite singer I just might be lurkin’

And I’m certain when they close the curtains

my life will be a B-movie shot by Tim Burton

and if I lack authenticity

remember authenticity is often shitty

So please, no pity,

You can never melt this ice-cold heart between my two titties

cause what’s life but a board game?

and if you play the game then you’re never bored with more of the same

What’s life but a competition

You know my name, I am – bition

I never stop.

Very Scary … : )

I rest my case.

// Ida

1st stop : Reeperbahn festival!

24 Sep


My long-awaited journey around Europe has begun! I was nervous like hell when I left Copenhagen yesterday, but I’m already a bit more calm and super excited!

For starters I’m in Hamburg, which is a lovely city!, and the Reeperbahn Festival is on. Music, art and a comics festival all wrapped in one in a really nice laid back, let’s relax and have a beer kind of way.

What’s not to like? : )

The Germans are however a bit cheap with the free wi-fi, so I’m on at race against the clock with this 60 minutes for 8€ connection! So just a short entry for starters … Much more to come.

I saw a lot of cool bands yesterday, for instance the Danish duo Murder with the brilliant voice og Jacob Bellens and swedish act Moto Boy – but HUNDREDS from Hamburg, Germany was really the love of the day.

Saw them in a beautiful old theatre building just on Reeperbahn. Definitely something to keep an eye on.



8 Sep

Costa Rica is an absolutely amazing place!!
I’m working hard on some danish blog posts, so I’ve been a bit quiet the last days.
BUT here’s something understandable in all languages.
Enjoy ; )

Think of a happy place …

2 Sep

Having not got the time for drawing therapy to forget that TERRIBLE creature from my last post, I’ve now switched to more efficient methods.

Known as “The My Little Pony Method” …

Slowly digest every picture for a minimum of 20 seconds, and let the wonders of eternal happiness sink in.

(God, I hope this works!)

O …. M …. G ….

2 Sep

This is a Costa Rica beetle.
This is not good.
This is really not good.

Must … consider … more … drawing therapy …

// Ida

Crazy times call for drawing therapy!

1 Sep

So, times are kinda crazy here. I quit my job about 2 months ago, my last working day was this friday, and in 5 days … I’m going to Costa Rica!

Which is just here.

I applied for a 8 day job as a blogger for the Chiquita organization – and darn it, if I didn’t get it! So on September the 5th. I’m off to join the Chiquita Expedition 2010. (Sounds like something HUGE! : )

I’m the Danish blogger and will be joining a Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish blogger as well. I’m really excited about the trip and all that going to happen, but also quite scared, as I’ve never been that far away before.

But hey – seriously – what is the worst thing that could happen?

Let me show you …

Day 1
This is me. I am in the middle of the rain forest. It’s dark. I hear strange noises. It’s a thousand degrees. I have a flashlight in one hand and a hammock in the other. Our guide has just left us for the night.

Day 2
!!!! ARGH !!!!

Number of snakes seen : 64
Number of really girlie screams : 68
Amount of underwear brought : not enough.

Day 4
This is me (on the left). In the bus from San Jose, going north. It’s a 25-hour bus ride.
The kid on the back is growing teeth and his cat just jumped out the window. The crazy hat on Eduardo’s head? You don’t wanna know …

Day 5
Here I am. At the beach. My legs are kinda the same colour as cookie dough. If you’re making really pale, white cookies, that is. Of course my hair has gone completely bonkers because of the humidity.

The girl on the left is a French designer that works in an art gallery in NYC. The next girl is local and called Consuela Del Notre (which is an insanely cool name!) The girl on the right has won Miss Universe 83 times. She makes me feel really insecure and less worthy. (All though is does make me feel slightly better, that apparently she only has one arm ? )

Day 7
Here I am. Passed out on the ground, because we met yet another snake.
Our real guide is sick, so we got his 17-year nephew, who is a surfer dude from Florida, that treks in flip-flops and thinks everything looks like breast … including my squared earrings.

And now – not so anxious …
Having now faced all of my biggest fears and the worst of thoughts, I’m READY to join the Chiquita expedition and travel across the globe to look at those bananas!

I’m really excited! And not that scared … Unless of course it’s true, what they say about bird spiders and their love of bananas !!??

// Ida

Urban art at it’s best

1 Sep

Mentalgassi is an urban art group based in Germany. I only just got to know them about 15 minutes ago in a friends blog, but I definitely have to know more about them!

Untill then, here’s some pictures and videos of some of their work.

Fency Flip

Two different types of images, printed on each side of the fence. Really cool.
Watch the video right here

Metal heads
And here’s another pieces of their work. I love the bigness of this! Wow!

Watch the video of how the Metal Head was made.

For more on Mentalgassi and their work – go here

They made this possible!!

Thanks to Trine at Designhelikopter

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