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Everyone: meet the STREETHEART heart

29 Aug

At the Galore show, that I mentioned in my last post, two really cool bloggers, known as STREETHEART, made their logo into a pop-up wall and invited all street artist to start decorating!

There were a lot of nice work, and the STREETHEART logo looked just brilliant from the next door building.

Here’s some pictures from the beautiful heart and finally some graffiti pieces as well. And BTW … I’ve just gotten a new camera! Yay! So very soon, I’ll be showing my motives a little more justice ; )
Untill then. Enjoy all the cool work.



Adore Galore!

25 Aug

Every year in august hundreds of Danish artist join forces and fill up 5 floors with all the creativity they’ve got!

It’s called Galore. It’s in Valby, a bit outside Copenhagen. And it’s a 100% open, non censured art fair, that displays some really interesting young contemporary art.

Here’s a couple of pictures from the show. And I’m SOOOOO gonna join in next year! : )

For more on Galore go here


Getting ready for the weekend!

21 Aug

For me, nothing says weekend like bright colours, dazzling video effects and of course some LOVELY music.
Turn on your speakers and watch these brilliant weekend-y videos!


First up: Kids of 88.
A band that I know very little of, but most certainly will look into!

Next up : SIA with the official video for the single Clap your hands. Nice and happy tune, always makes me smile. Brilliant video.

BTW I’ve arranged with the re-incarnation Goddess, that I can come back as this Koala bear … How cool is that??!


Third up : Booka Shade!
Awwww … Since I saw Booka Shade at the Sonar festival in Barcelona, I’ve completely lost my heart (and my dancing legs) to these two German guys.

I also posted this live clip, when I got back from Sonar, but to hell with it, it can take a re-run. I never seem to get enough of this particular clip. Wo hooo!
For my Sonar post with lots of pictures go here

And – lucky lucky LUCKY me! – tonight Booka Shade is on stage at the Malmø festival in Sweden, which is only a 30 minute train ride from Copenhagen! Yai!!!

So I know, that I am in for a lovely weekend, and hope that you are to : )


They made this possible!!

Thanks to Cris Wiegandt for having such brilliant taste in music and hooking me up with Kids of 88 and the adorable SIA video ; )

One word : Wow …

20 Aug

Apparently this is like 6 months old, but I only just saw it today. Thanks to my lovely colleague Anja Østergaard!

Follow this link and see what I’m talking about And then there was salsa



19 Aug

The STRØM festival is an annual Copenhagen based festival showing the best of upcoming (and established) electronic music. A great time of year for me! (STRØM translates into power, electrical power – ish ;)

The festival opens with a 2 hour Metro Ride, with 4 different DJ’s at the deck. It’s warm, sweaty, loud, bouncy and a hell of a lot of fun! I tried to get a bit of the atmosphere on camera …

Welcome to The TransMetroExpress 2010!!

Check out the full line up at the STRØM website. Luckily a lot of the shows are completely free of charge. I love sponsors!!


From the ”Bank robbers big book of no no’s”

18 Aug

As seen on Istedgade, Copenhagen, this morning.

Does this look suspicious? Nooooooooooooooo

Good luck guys …


The best of the worst!

16 Aug

Just at short entry to share this with you.

Here’s a brilliant Ratatat track and even more so a brilliant video of all my ‘love to hate you’ Getty friends.

Made entirely out of excisting stock images and stock videos from Getty Images, this is really cool.

They made this possible!!
Thanks to Modeselektor for sending me to Pieter at TodayAndTomorrow
And Hats of to Blink Art , Colonel Blimp, Carl Burgess


Scottish/Swedish yum yum! (Finally)

15 Aug

I’ve been waiting quite anxiously to hear something new from Scottish killer ass record producer and DJ : Mylo.

Since his brilliant “destroy Rock and Roll” album from 2004, there’s been kind of silent. Or at least I kinda gave up finding his news …
I really love this album. High energy, really nice tracks. Great to work to, great to run to and of course great to party to, to.

One of many hit singles from this album is “Drop the pressure”. With lovely rhythms from the Gloria Estefan classic. (The song was also made in another mix together with Miami Sound Machine and even more Gloria Estefan. Hugely popular as well, this second version was called “Dr. Pressure”)

“Drop the pressure” is actually not the best track on the album, and this is not the official video, BUT I really like this one made by french Cube.
Jumping elephants … awwwww.


Back to the waiting part!

But, as I said I’ve been waiting for quite some time for new tracks from Mylo, and today I realised, that I’ve been waiting for so long, that I forgot all about him … Then this morning, in a quite unorganised online search, finally, along he came. And he came bearing really cool Robyn-remix. Which, for me, is an a okay “sorry to keep you waiting” present ;)


Robyn: Don’t fucking tell me what to do. (Mylo / Sharooz remix)

<span><a href=””>Don’t Fucking Tell Me What To Do (Mylo & Sharooz Mix)</a> by <a href=””>robyn</a></span&gt;

For more on Mylo go here



13 Aug

So, I’m getting ready for the weekend (or actually I have been, since about 9 this morning) BUT now we’re reallyreally close!

AND nothing says Friday like a bit of lovely colored 80’s Italian Disco, a heard of beautiful amazons with killer rhythm (alongside boys with beards of course) and finally my favourite Finnish girls with the best of attitudes!

Enjoy! & have a nice weekend!

Yai! : )

Baby’s Gang – Challenger!

Miike Snow – Rabbit

Le Corps Mince de Françoise – Bitch of the bitches

They made this possible!!

Thanks to Cph Italio Disco Association for the exquisite ‘Challenger’ link and Chris Wiegandt for Miike Snow reminder. Lovely! : )


Oh boy …

10 Aug

Some people just can’t handle a balcony … Everyone: meet my neighbours.

The joy of city life ; )

// Ida

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