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More on Bjørke

28 Jul

My last post was all about Kasper Bjørke, and actually this one is to.

But it’s a short one, just to let you know about the nice video that come alongside, his latest single: Heaven.

The song is a cover of Rolling Stones’ “Heaven”. Originally found on their Tattoo You album. Kasper Bjørkes cover can be found on his “Standing on top of Utopia” album.




Bjørke & Mount Kimbie Remix

28 Jul

My favourite Danish music magazine, Soundvenue, has been asking their music-making-darlings about mix tape favourites.
This week it’s Kasper Bjørke’s turn. A brilliant artist and also one af my favourite DJ’s.

Kasper Bjørke

He’s a brilliant artist with a great sound, who takes his work really seriously. I for one do appreciate that. (As opposed to other DJ’s, who don’t mind just slapping on a 7 minute remix and then leave the deck to go out back and get the occasional groupie hang around BJ … Jeez). BUT! This was not supposed to be the issue however ; )

Back to Bjørke and Soundvenue!

Kasper Bjørke picked 3 different songs and I especially like this one. Wow. Summer …

Mount Kimbies remix of Foals ‘Spanish Sahara’.

Foals – Spanish Sahara (Mount Kimbie Remix) by fabric

More on Bjørke
Kasper Bjørke has released two album in his own name, the latest one from 2010, called “Standing on top of Utopia”. If you like the single, I entered below here, you should definitely check out the entire album.

Buy this ...

Especially one of the singles got massive airplay in Danish radios. Young again featuring the lovely (as in LOVELY!) voice of Jacob Bellens (Murder / I Got You On Tape). If you haven’t already heard this, you’re in for at real treat.

Catch the entire article (in Danish) at Soundvenue and check out Kasper Bjørke here


Everyone: Meet Mr. Meter guy

27 Jul

I love these. Enough said.

Seattle, USA, sept. 2008

Well hi there! Seattle, September 2008.

In the trail from Seattle USA - Vancouver CA. Sept. 2008

Empire State Building, New York, february 2010

Biiiiiig smile!

Reykjavik, Iceland, May 2010

And many more to come …

// Ida

ctrl+alt+ … eat

26 Jul

So, we were supposed to go to the ctrl+alt+dance festival on saturday, but somehow lovely cakes got in the way, and the birthday barbeque extravaganza just took a little longer than planned … To bad actually, but hey – I’m a sucker for cake!

All in all it’s been a weekend in the sign of cake, with birthdays both friday and saturday. Both hosted by really cool girls with brilliant cooking skills! Yum …

A few photos to prove my point : )

The lovely cakes from Christina's 30 yrs birthday!

Wow! Who's that for at beautifully layered birthday-cake!

Now featuring worlds best candles! Tillykke / Happy Birthday

And Rikkes gorgeous Tarte de Citron! Yum yum YUM!!!



24 Jul

Today could be the perfect night for fun. Birthday, drinks and electronic music festival!

I’m going to my dear friends birthday party. Not only is she an absolute saint in the Kitchen – she and her other friends are also tons of fun to hang out with!

And with the perfect timing, the Swedish festival cltr+alt+dance is being held right in her backyard! Lineup looks interesting, and I for one think it should be fun to see Alloy Alloy. A Danish/Belgian band, that I saw a couple of times last year. Back then their live performance didn’t impress me at all … BUT a whole year of practice should probably do it ; )

Check out cltr+alt+dance right here and join the party at Bolsjefabrikken, Ragnhildgade 1, 2100 København Ø.

Tickets are 40 DKR. CHEAAAPPP! : )

// Ida

Roskilde favourites

22 Jul

There were a lot of cool acts, at this years Roskilde festival, but when I look back at it, 3 shows really stick out from the crowd.

Them Crooked Vultures,
Patti Smith and

3 totally different acts and genres, but maaaaaaan I liked it!!

Orange stage, Them Crooked Vultures. Yay!!

Them Crooked Vultures

Being an old grunge girl (but still not yet quite old enough) this is the closest, I will ever come to a Nirvana show. Alone for that reason TCV was a brilliant experience for me. But off course this was not Nirvana, but something way more experienced and mature. Both lead singer Johs Hommes (of the Godblessed Queens of the Stoneage) and Dave Grohl (Nirvana drummer/ head of Foo Fighters) have said that they were both completely starstruck and filled with performance anxiety, when they first hooked up with the 3rd band member – legendary John Paul Jones of the Led Zeppelin!

Maybe this complete awe and respect amongst the band, is what creates this cool, deep rock, smashing drums euphoria where everything just seem to fit. I LOVED it!

Listen to “New Fang” from Them Crooked Vultures self-titled debut album.

TCV have proclaimed, that their next album should be even more powerful. Supposedly it should be out by the end of 2010. Can’t wait!

Patti Smith!

Seeing this legendary punk rock heroic lady, was also one of my absolute favourites. The nerve and intensity of that woman really got to me. Soooo cool! I think she’ve experienced somewhat everything in the world, and that experience and power just leaks from her. Brilliant.

One of the most goosebump-creating moments was this – Patti Smith performing Lou Reed’s “Perfect day”. Awwww … The joy of Summer!

I found this recording for you to see : (Thanks to mathiasnielsen66 : )

More on Patti

I’ve just got the Patti Smith biography from one of my (now ex-) colleagues. (Thanks Esdr!)
I really like it so far – I’ll keep you posted.


I’ve been playing the Moderat album on and on since the festival. I actually need words to describe how good it is! I just discovered them this spring, and I’m so glad I got to see their show!

The beat, the songs, the lyrics, their mix of sounds, twirks and twirls is just really my kind of music. I can not recommend this album enough!

Check out the video to “Rusty nails” from the album “Moderat”.

And get a sence of the live feeling, with this short video from last years show i Aarhus.
(Thanks to MrDirtydisco :)

If you’re into this genre, and maybe all ready enjoy both Apperat and Modeselektor (who met in the Moderat project), you HAVE TO BUY THIS ALBUM !!

I like both inside and outside of “Moderat” from 2009. Love the humour in that cover : )

AND 3 final shots from a brilliant experience in Roskilde!

Nasty toilet floor : "You look hot. Wanna make out?"

"Fuck it. I've had it, with this dump!!"

And here I am again .... quite the photographer ...

I’ll be back to share the Roskilde feeling in 2011 : June 30th – 3rd of July.

/ Ida

WTF is that supposed to mean ?! (part 1)

22 Jul

Jeez. The amount of slang and posh new words never sees to amaze.
Hence I’ve taken it upon me to create the worlds easiest, step by step, understand the term, photo definition guide – thingy :

WTF is that supposed to mean ?!

Phrase number 1 : ARTY FARTY.

Have you ever wondered, what people are really trying to express, when they use the term “arty farty”?

E.g. in a sentence like:

“The show was like totally arty farty”

“The crowd at the gallery was a bit arty farty”

“I’m not sure I’m going to date him again … he’s at bit arty farty”

Seriously, WTF is that supposed to mean ?!

The answer is here, in 4 simple photos, all taken (in chronological order) from the most exquisite movie, I saw at a Copenhagen gallery last week.

Sit back and relax …

So! Now that we all know exactly WTF ‘Arty Farty’ is supposed to mean, we’re ready to continue our daily tasks, resting assured, that we have all ready learned quite a deal today.

Lucky us ; )

The gallery, btw, is actually kinda cool.
IMO is based in old Carlsberg buildings in Vesterbro, Copenhagen.
Check it out right here


Bits of Sonar 2010

19 Jul

This year I’ve enjoyed a ton of great live concerts, and luckily I have a lot more to come! (I’ll be sure to post them here as I go along)

One of really cool experiences this far was the Sonar festival in Barcelona!

Here’s a couple of somewhat interesting photos along side a video from a previous live show with German duo, Booka Shade. Should you get the chance, make sure to catch one of their live shows! They really know how to make live-concerts in front of huge crowds, seem almost magical!

Make sure to buy Booka Shade “Body language” album. My favourite right now.


Summer, music, good friends and fake grass. I need nothing more.

I love this guy. Off course you need your killer-oversize bag for the festival! ; )

Woops! Maybe he actually did need his oversize-killer-bag?? Just in case he had to run straight towards the nearest changing room to hook up with his suit?? Sorry. My bad.

Lovely bride

Lovely shoes

Really bad British footwear ...

Sonar By Night - obviously involves bumper cars : )

Late at night, and under the influence of quite a deal of alchohol, I'm a killer-ass-photographer!

3 days of wonderfull music memories, right there on my frigde.

The Sonar festival 2011 – 16 th. 17 th and 18 th of June.
Read all about it, right

Unf**k the Gulf

18 Jul

I’m not all that political, but sometimes the message just has to get through.
I think this campaign really grabs the attention in a good way.

Let out some steam and help Unfuck the Gulf.

BP have fucked things up and we're mad as fuck!

Been there. Done that. But have you got the T-shirt??

Get it right here. and make sure to watch the quite funny swearing video.


Quit your day job …

17 Jul

Today I woke up and really understood what it is, that I’ve done.
I’ve quit my job.

I actually did it!


A great job in the creative industry. Well paid, loads of benefits, cool clients, killer lunch programme!
But somehow it just didn’t make sense to me anymore.

I don’t know where this is going to take me, but as I have lately come to realize that the universe is in fact NOT out to get me!! – I’m quite content, that this will turn out just all right.

So … Here I am. Unemployed, borderline broke and happy as hell! : )


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